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Special Problems When Prominent People Divorce

Special Problems When Prominent People Divorce

Divorce is an intensely personal process for both spouses. However, under certain circumstances, it is very easy for the unpleasant details to become public. We frequently see the details of divorces involving celebrities and politicians reported on the evening news. But, privacy and discretion during divorce can be just as troublesome for people of more modest means, such as local business figures and public servants.

New York has recently seen two former governors file for divorce in less than two weeks. David Patterson and Elliot Spitzer both became involved in divorce proceedings in January of 2014 — Spitzer on January 16 and Paterson on January 21. In both instances, the couples had previously been separated for a substantial period of time.

Both cases are likely to receive significant media attention. However, there are several things prominent people can do to preserve their privacy during divorce:

  • Negotiate resolutions to issues like property distribution, support and custody prior to filing.
  • Utilize mediation to privately resolve contested issues.
  • Make every effort to remain friendly and amicable to the greatest extent possible.
  • Regard litigation as a last resort, as details disclosed in court are much more likely to become public.

Divorces that take place in the public eye can be especially delicate. With proper planning, coordination, compromise and self-control, it is possible for prominent members of the community to keep their private affairs private through divorce and other domestic processes. An experienced New York City divorce attorney can help you understand the alternatives to traditional divorce litigation and how they can help you dissolve your marriage in a more discreet manner.

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