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Child Support

Child Support Lawyers In NYC Stand Beside You

Experienced legal team guides you through all stages of the divorce process

If you are considering divorce and you have children, many tough decisions must be made regarding their custody and welfare before you and your spouse can part ways. To ensure that your rights are protected during a divorce proceeding, retain the services of an experienced law firm. At Bernfeld, DeMatteo & Bernfeld, LLP, our lawyers have been fighting for the rights of New York City residents since 2001. Let our highly qualified legal team provide you with step-by-step assistance with your child support matter.

What is child support?

Child support is paid by the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent to help raise a child after divorce. In New York City, the amount of child support to be paid depends on each parent’s income and the number of children. The court applies a formula to this information and determines the monthly payments the noncustodial parent must make.

Duration of child support payments in New York

Children in New York State are entitled to be supported by their parents until the age of 21. However, children under the age of 21 who are married, self-supporting or in the military are considered “emancipated.” In this case, you are no longer responsible for support. Children between the ages of 17 and 21 who leave home and refuse to obey the parents’ reasonable commands are also considered emancipated. If you are having a child custody, child support or other family law issue, you should seek help from an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Consequences of not paying child support

When a spouse fails to pay child support, we can take several administrative and judicial actions. Whether your spouse refuses to pay or you are accused of not paying child support, we at Bernfeld, DeMatteo & Bernfeld, LLP can provide you with reliable guidance. Our matrimonial and family law attorneys can explain the following consequences of not paying child support in New York City:

  • Taking your tax refund
  • Intercepting lottery winnings
  • Taking over bank accounts
  • Suspending your driver license
  • Notifying credit reporting agencies about your debt
  • Jail time

If your financial situation changes suddenly and you are unable to pay child support, you can file a petition to request to have your child support order modified.

Get dependable help from a dedicated team of divorce attorneys

With more than 45 years of combined experience, we at Bernfeld, DeMatteo & Bernfeld, LLP have an in-depth understanding of child support laws in New York. Our law office is conveniently located near Grand Central Station and we have flexible office hours. To schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney to discuss your case, contact us today online or by phone at 646-880-4689.