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Child Custody

Child Custody Lawyers In NYC Stand by Your Side

Let a well-established divorce law firm provide you with reliable representation

Of all the issues arising in a divorce proceeding, none is as aggressively contested as child custody. As a parent, you want the best for your child. And at Bernfeld, DeMatteo & Bernfeld, LLP, so do we. Our reputable NYC legal team has 45 years of combined experience. For more than a decade, our firm has strived to provide families throughout the city with skilled and effective representation. If you require professional legal help with a complex child custody or child support matter, please visit our warm and welcoming office and discuss your case with one of our skilled lawyers.

Types of custody

As experienced New York City attorneys, we at Bernfeld, DeMatteo & Bernfeld, LLP are familiar with all aspects of matrimonial and family law, including child custody and child support. Our legal team can quickly review your case and explain the following types of child custody in further detail:

  • Joint — Under a joint custody arrangement, you and your spouse make major decisions together regarding the child's education, health and religion, or other relevant issue.
  • Sole — If one parent is granted sole custody, only that parent may make major decisions regarding the child’s life.
  • Third party — If it is deemed to be in the best interest of the child, the court can grant custody to a third party, such as a grandparent, aunt, uncle or sibling.

How does the court award custody in New York?

In divorce cases, the court considers the welfare of the children above all else. The best interests of the child take priority over the wishes of either spouse. When awarding custody in New York City, the courts look at many factors, including the following:

  • Which parent has been the main caregiver/nurturer of the child
  • Each parent’s parenting skills, strengths and weaknesses and ability to provide for the child's special needs, if any
  • Mental and physical health of the parents
  • Whether there has been domestic violence in the family
  • Work schedules and childcare plans of each parent
  • The child's relationships with brothers, sisters and other members of the family
  • What the child wants, depending on the age of the child
  • Each parent's ability to cooperate with the other parent and to encourage a relationship with the other parent, if it is safe to do so

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At Bernfeld, DeMatteo & Bernfeld, LLP, we are prepared to fight fiercely to help you obtain child custody. Call us at 646-880-4689 or contact us online to arrange for a free consultation with an experienced attorney at our firm.